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Currently’s website runs on what we call Zaza, a yet-to-be-released modified version of Lulop2 (beta2), a pre-existing open-source PHP-based web platform developed by Jukka Paasonen for Synchronicity PBS, originally distributed under the GPL v2 license.

Zaza is a project developed by Videoplugger Limited.

The new features and the modification to the existent structure have been designed by Emanuele Galloni and Matthias Bauer.
Zaza’s additional code has been written by Matthias Bauer.
Web design and new layout by Ferruccio Ciferni.
Logo designed by Ebba Erikzon.

Acting in compliance with the GPL v2 license, Videoplugger Limited currently does not intend to distribute Zaza. The source code of Zaza will not be released until a proper distribution of the same software will take place.

Zaza is currently under testing. If you are interested in knowing more about the new features of Zaza, feel free to write to

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