About MMPK.net
What is MMPK.net?
MMPK.net is the first broadcast-quailty distribution platform for music-related Multi Media Press Kits towards any form of media.

What is a Multi Media Press Kit?
An MMPK is a broadcast-quality multi-media asset that contains essential promotional and newsworthy material.

Who uses an MMPK?
An MMPK is used by bands, record and video labels and other music related entities who want to promote their music, image or events towards media outlets.

What does an MMPK contain?
An MMPK can include music videos or excerpts, interviews with bands, organisers, directors as well as b-rolls, audio/textual/visual files and pretty much anything that is needed for an effective promotional pack for the media.

Why use MMPK.net?
While giving promoters complete control of the media asset, MMPK.net allows for inclusion of broadcast quality footage within promotional kits; an easy way to deliver music videos and any promotional audio-visuals straight to TV stations.

Using MMPK.net's digital delivery system cuts out the costs of traditional video distribution such as Beta tapes, satellite streaming, which involve courier fees or the leasing of costly hardware.

MMPK.net is a reliable, cost effective and rational way of dealing with video-distribution, allowing selective delivery, trackability and full interaction with targeted outlets.